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About Coach Luther Riley

About Coach Luther Riley

A national sought-after instructor, Riley regularly provides one-on-one coaching to the top high school and college players in the United States.

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Upcoming Camps & Clinics

Upcoming Camps & Clinics

Interested in attending Coach Luther Riley's Basketball Camps & Clinics? Visit the Events page to see how to register for the next camp and/or clinic near you.

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Coach's Instructional Products

Coach's Instructional Products

Coach Riley authored and appears in two instructional videos used by players and coaches to help improve a player's offensive skills.

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Parents, where can you send your son or daughter to greatly improve their sports skills, their self-confidence, self-discipline, and work ethic? We want the privilege of helping your son or daughter excel on and off the court, to be thankful for their parents, grateful for the opportunity to learn, mentally tough, enthusiastic about life and excited for the opportunity to build and develop talent. Getting better is a choice.

Getting better is a choice